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My name is Jorge Quinteros, I’m an avid lifestyle and portrait photographer based in New York where I live with with my wife and two kids.

I studied Graphic Design where I worked with a small design firm in Long Island for 4 years while still being employed with a high-end retail store company but currently pursue the former.

There’s a scene in James Cameron’s Titanic film where the Older Rose is narrating her experience of having been on the Titanic and when she's informed there is no record of Jack ever existing, let alone having been an official passenger on the cruise line, Rose says, “No there wouldn’t be, would there? He only exists now only in my memory” and that’s exactly how I would describe my experience of living in El Salvador.

Countless fond memories that only live in my mind with the exception of brief anecdotes that highlighted significant events, I regret not having owned a camera to document experiences that became uncommon in comparison to what I was use to in New York. Everyone’s perception of the world is unique and so it was that insight of having lived abroad and natural curiosity of the world which ignited my interest in photography.

Publishing my photographs and writing represents only half the joy of what it means to curate this personal online space of mine. The other half that excites me is hearing back from readers. I thrive myself in being very punctual in responding back to emails so please feel free to contact with regard to anything on the site or something that’s on your mind.

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I published photographs regularly from my shoots, travels & daily life over on my Instagram page - you can find me here: @jorgeq