1 Year + 30% Off Photographic Prints

July 20th will mark a year since I relaunched my website and to celebrate for the entire month, you can utilized the coupon code 590BD1 to receive 30% off any of my prints. All photographs are printed on professional Kodak ENDURA photo paper so that you always receive the longest-lasting and highest-quality photographic prints available. I’ve always said that selling a print for me is a bonus. Even though it doesn’t pay as much, I get more of a kick receiving emails from other fellow photographers or anyone in general.

In one year, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with photographers who’ve impressed me a lot. I learn that there’s people around the world who have similar interests with me and have the same mission to share their passion for the craft while discovering ways on how they could spend more of their time doing it.

This photoblog has grown organically. I haven’t taken a look back at what I use to write about yet I haven’t thought too much about what else this site can become. It certainly isn’t just about my photography because quite frankly I’m as interested in other photographer’s work as I am about sharing information that would be most useful for other people.

To keep up a blog, you need to have a true enthusiasm for what it is that you’re writing about. You know darn well you would never take on a job without getting paid for the first week or take on a photo shoot if you weren’t first given a deposit yet here we are spending as many hours as a full-time job writing and sharing photographs without getting paid for it. But I’m find with that reality at the moment because it’s a confident sign that I enjoy spending entire days shooting and then sitting at a desk in a nice ergonomic chair with a 13” laptop writing about the adventure.

I love sharing my photographs, my outings, my thoughts, my tips and there’s no better feeling knowing that I can do it on my own terms. A year of photoblogging down, many more left to go…