Many start out with intentions of artistic freedom, but end up falling into types of work that are in demand or pay well. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, we all have to make a living, but if you want to express yourself as a photographer, then you need to discover what you are passionate about photographing, rather than fitting the mold of a set type of work.

Simon Bray talks about ways to define your personal photographic style. The type of photography one’s typically encouraged to chase is the one that’s likely to bring in the sort of cash you overhear everyone else is making.

I have nothing against wedding photography other than realizing it’s not the type of work I want to take on. How do you avoid staying away from projects that you may not be passionate about? Don’t focus too much about how much you can potentially make. Concentrate more about how specific projects make you feel. When I think about wedding photography, I get a feeling of anxiety that I never experience when I’m doing the type of work I love.