14 Inspirational Photographers on Instagram

We all need inspiration regardless of what our profession is and whether it’s a creative one or not. We each have our own methods to become inspired and get our juices flowing and by far for me it comes down to turning to people who’s work you can’t stopping looking at and asking yourself what draws you to it in the first place.

As far as photography in general, we’re often told to skim rather than look too deep into other people’s body of work because there’s the chance you’re likely to begin comparing yourself with them as oppose to being inspired to work even harder on your own.

I like to consider the photos I take with my iPhone as important as the ones I shoot with my dSLR. Thinking less of the former gives you the opportunity to make up excuses that you can’t produce the type of work you love as a result of the gear you’re using.

I’ll admit to having felt extremely loss when I starting shooting with the iPhone for the reasons I mentioned before. My thought was that since I wouldn’t be able to obtain the type of high quality results I’m accustom to with the 5D then what’s the point of going out of my way to take photos that may not even impress me or anyone else.

For whatever reason, there’s people who don’t have a very high opinion about Instagram but I’ll go on record to sound like a broken record by saying that it’s been extremely valuable for me as a photographer. How? Well, my first advice is to not feel compelled to follow everyone you’re friends with online or in real life. That’s like filling out and submitting credit card applications to the numerous ones you probably receive in the mail. At some point you have to trim it down and keep only the ones you feel are actually giving you something in return and preferably not fear seeing that there’s too many to keep up with.

Follow those people that I wouldn’t necessarily say are making you second guess what you’re shooting but think of them as people who are encouraging you to assign extra thought in what you’re seeing. I’ve found that the smaller the list of people you draw inspiration from, the less you feel that you have to shoot everything in sight because your center of attention orbits around what you already like rather than what you think you should like.

If I come across a photographer who’s photographs I completely love on Instagram, there’s a high probability that I will track down more of this kind of work by checking out to see who they are following and so that’s what I do. It all leads to a rabbit hole full of inspiration that in the end leaves me with a handful of people that influence me by weeding out the ones that don’t. I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh. Just because Instagram allows you to have an endless amount of people that you can follow, does that mean you should? It’s all subjective.

In no particular order, I wanted to share with you 14 photographers which I follow on Instagram and who’s work has probably made them view me either as a real fan or a spammer in view that I can’t help Like practically everything they share.