14 Things I've Learned from Photoblogging


  1. People are more receptive to your photographs not only when you share them but when you talk about the experience that went into capturing them.
  2. You’re likely to attract the attention of people who were never into photography as much as those that already are.
  3. If you don’t feel strongly about a photo then it’s likely other people won’t either, so don’t feel compelled to share everything you shoot. What you choose to upload says just as much as the photos you choose not to.
  4. Photographs are great to look at but people equally appreciate when you share tips that can help them improve in the craft.
  5. Selling prints shouldn’t be the primary focus of the photoblog. In fact, don’t expect to get rich from it. Building relationships with people is unquestionably more valuable and when you do sell a print, it’ll simply feel like a bonus.
  6. Stay curious and you’ll increase the likelihood of not feeling like there’s nothing else to photograph. Everything in the world has been shot already but it’s how you choose to present your approach to it that will make people react differently to something they’ve already seen.
  7. Nobody knows everything. In fact, nobody expects you to but people love to read about what you do know as much as what you don’t. It’s a two way learning street between you and your readers. Showing your weaknesses shows that you’re learning as much as they are.
  8. People will unquestionably want to know what type of gear and software you use, so to avoid the inevitably flow of emails, you should automatically create a dedicated page that describes your equipment as much as your workflow.
  9. Once you’ve had the opportunity to know yourself better through your work, you’ll ultimately have to define what’s important to you so that you can begin the process of creating a vision for how you can do more with this enthusiasm you have for photography.
  10. Be true with yourself. Take photographs that you like and not the type others expect you to.
  11. Don’t just shoot for clients. Make photographs for yourself because that’s what will keep you motivated and guide you to developing your own style.
  12. Don’t be afraid to give away your art. Companies do it all the time when they distribute samples of their products on the streets. People will love you for giving stuff away but make sure to do it for the right reasons.
  13. Having a camera and a personal site to display your work is a great excuse to visit places you would not have ever considered visiting had it not been for your passion for photography and your willingness to share where you’ve been.
  14. How you write about your photographs says a lot about your thought process when you’re out with your camera creating them.