The problem with most photographers nowadays is that they upload far too much work. I would suggest not uploading more than 3 photographs a week. If I could even make a better suggestion, I would say only upload one photograph a week.

LA Street Photographer Eric Kim commenting on a practice which I’ve subconsciously adopted. In the article, he list 15 tips on how to better edit your work. As photographers, we all clearly take satisfaction in sharing our photos but I’ll admit that I’m not as impatient as I use to be about rushing to upload everything I’ve shot in a day. In fact, I deliberately wait about a day or two so I can purposely forget about what I’ve capture and come back to it with fresh eyes and evaluate whether I still feel as strong about the image as I did when I took it.

I can’t recall where I read this but the verbage went something along the lines that “getting better as a photographer has a much to do with not taking photos as with taking them. Just because your digital camera gives you the freedom to take photos of everything doesn’t mean you have to.” Very similar to what Eric was referring to about editing your work. I don’t think there’s a wrong or right way but I’ve noticed that sharing one’s photos gradually as oppose to all at once has absolutely forced me to only show the ones I would consider frame worthy.