20 Important Things to Know About Social Media & Photography Industry

A blog for me use to be this private podium I walked up and stood in front of without anyone in attendance, largely because I never disclosed its existence and I thought that posting about something you enjoy was strange. For me that was photography and when I did it, either my photographs were never good enough or the small count of readers I had knew very little of me to even consider evaluating what I shared.

Somehow all that’s changed now. I like to think I’m more transparent with my work as much as I am with my words because according to these 20 observations about social media and the photography industry, “it is no longer just about your photographs but about YOU and the story behind your images.” There’s more than enough photographic eye candy around the web from photographers we know little about and I think that’s a shame.

I’ve realized that if you’re involved in any form of creative calling like photography, people don’t just want to view your work and know how you do it but they also want to know more about you, your thoughts, your insights and the stuff you like.

Out of the 20, here’s 3 of my favorite things to know about social media that I believe strongly carry the message that people want you to share more of yourself so as to appreciate what you have to offer:

  1. Humans crave stories. Stories are what people remember and seek out time and time again. Stories that come from an honest and genuine place and push ones’ comfort zone often times are seen as refreshing in the blog world.
  2. Social media is not just about what you ate for breakfast or how much you loved the new Harry Potter movie. It is about sharing content that is relevant and meaningful. It is about adding value.
  3. Sharing interesting things you find online is just as important as posting your own ideas.