Kenny: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Being an artist means among many things the need to continuously create things. The act itself can often be a solitary one and yet what good would putting arduous hours, days, weeks or months even be if the finished product isn't shared with others. At least that's my stance on it. Art is a huge enabler for opening us up to each other and a guaranteed way to connect with like-minded people.

If you were driving and you didn't have the slightest interest in art would you have abruptly pulled over to think highly of what Kenny was spending his Tuesday morning doing the day after Hurricane Sandy? Some people wouldn't have gone through the trouble but there's instances where I can't help myself. These are moments where it pays off exploring places on your own in view that not everyone will understand or share the same interest for the same type of people that appeal to you.

Kenny had not outline any preliminary sketches on a notepad or on the corrugated fence to serve as a guideline for what he was designing. It was about him, his assortment of colored spray paint, a huge canvas to work with and the unavoidable impulse to create.