Endless Smoker

I realize it can be a very weighty phrase that can carry different meaning for everyone but for me, that eureka moment of "finding yourself" is the perfect mixture of finally "feeling comfortable" doing something topped off with the drive to continue improving at it.

2012 has without question been the year I've made it my purpose to step outside the deep circle we artist very often incarcerate ourselves in as far as not being fearless enough to experiment with our work to discover what we really like. At the outset of the New Year, there's always the customary blog post about what one hopes to accomplish but I don't think one has to wait until then to get started.

My commitment to myself is to elevate my approach and technique at executing environmental portraits and dig deeper at finding stories from people who are wiling to share theirs. I'm not saying street portraits are simple and painless because there's a tremendous confidence needed to get pass the first 2 or 3 but at some point, the unsystematic approach of photographing strangers on the street stops being innovative and takes on the role of being repetitive.

If street portraits is what I dedicated the majority of my time capturing in 2012, then I would think I would want to take the confidence I gained from the experience and apply it towards other work that represents my interest and drive to grow even more such as the piece I did on Car Wash Workers in Queens.

I know I'm jumping a little ahead of myself but I'm excited for the New Year and for the people I haven't met yet. This photograph is from one of the many that I candidly took during a recent venture into Chinatown in Manhattan.