Dangerous Grounds: In Search for Great Coffee

I've never really been a devoted coffee drinker and yet somehow I've recently managed to develop an inexplainable interest for this valuable commodity. Wanting to learn more was the primary reason for having attended Coffee Common in NYC earlier in the year and having picked up a book to read once again, I'm learning a lot from reading a book entitled The Art and Craft of Coffee.

Now that No Reservations has ended, I discovered a new travel show with a twist entitled Dangerous Grounds hosted by Todd Carmichael where he literally wanders to the extremes for great coffee. Todd is the founder of Philadelphia-based roaster La Colombe and he essentially fashions himself as the "Indiana Jones of coffee" where he thinks that "the best stuff comes from the most dangerous places."

The guy carries with him a portable lab where he roasts, grinds and boils the coffee he comes across along his journey. Having seen only so far the first episode, I can tell you that I'm loving the show. Take a look at this clip where Todd has a complete emotional experience from having found "the good stuff" up in the highest point of a mountain in Haiti. If you're a coffee-nerd or at least just have an interest from where you're likely to enjoy good coffee from, I highly recommend you check out the show.