The Extinction of Camera Stores

John Neel reflecting on what you might have called a camera shop:

Camera stores were the best place to buy a camera, at least in the old days. They had it all….nowadays, you have to go to a mega store to buy almost anything. If you want a camera, you have to ask a sales person who also sells TVs and perhaps appliances. Many just know enough to sell you something you probably don't really need. Personal attention is only for as long as it takes to ring you in. Once you are gone, you are forgotten.

Movie rental shops have also vanished thanks mainly to online services such as Netflix which I happen to be a happy subscriber to but unlike video stores, I believe there's still a need for camera shops and well-informed staff who's available to answer any questions you may have. Questions answered from people who are there not because they need a job at a camera store but from individuals who can't imagine themselves doing anything else in view that photography is what they love. There aren't many left in existence here in New York but if you ever come across one, I encourage you to walk away with a visit and purchase because it's almost a certainly they won't be around much.