Under Williamsburg

The Williamsburg Bridge is one of the very few bridges in New York where there's surprisingly no fee incurred for crossing it by car yet. While some would say that the bridge is mostly a biker's paradise, there's equally a lot to be enjoyed by taking a scenic walk across it. There's pretty spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and the structure itself has some segments partially covered with street art featuring plenty unique styles which adds to its character.

I've seen numerous photographs taken of the bridge all from varying perspective but this by far has attracted me the most. Unfortunately it's not a point of view one could attain from the Brooklyn side, so on the day following Hurricane Sandy, I made the drive over the bridge into Delancey. Standing directly underneath the bridge is phenomenal. As someone who generally has a penchant for wanting to photograph people rather than cityscapes, I keep reminding myself not to limit my work with what I feel most attracted to, especially when it involves a sight like this.

On a side note, I've never walked the bridge per say but I sure has heck have rode my bike more than a few times and I've had my sore legs the day after to remind me of the strenuous activity.