The Day After

As if the frightening images revealing how much of a devastation was left behind by the arrival of Hurricane Sandy weren't enough, it seemed as if yet another meteorological condition would soon be inevitably talked about and documented days later and it was.

As appealing as a snowfall may seem on a holiday card or even Christmas morning, it's allure can quickly become pale for those that have more serious occurrences to attend to such as the fact that they may have lost everything they struggled hard for to attain.

I've never visited a beach during the cold season, let alone the day following a snowstorm. It's an act that probably people that live int he vicinity would do or unless you're a dignified member of the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island who swim in the Atlantic Ocean every Sunday from November through April.

With the exception of an enormous amount of rubbish that had been promptly taken care in a matter of days making it easier to navigate through forsaken roads, there was still a bone-chilling feeling in the air upon visiting Rockaway a week after the events and the day after an unexpected snow day.

Much of the structural damage to this beach's popular boardwalk is still existent and the one thought that comes to mind when seeing it in person is the visualization as to where could they possibly find a starting point in fixing a place that's been such a staple.

It was 11am in the morning. It was cold. The bitter wind was blowing and for the first time in my 2 visits, I was the only photographer present capturing a scene that many would probably never forget.