Theron Humphrey, Brooklyn

Theron is the photographer behind This Wild Idea - a project who's purpose has involved transversing The United States to meet and photograph 1 new person a day, everyday for 365 days. So far the venture has taken him over 17,000 miles and he's met over a hundred people each with their own unique story to share.

Along with him on his journey has been Maddie, a Maine Coonhound who's trademark spot has been perched around Theron's shoulders. To support the project, Theron has setup a donation link on his site and for an even more existing twist that equally benefits the cause in addition to an upcoming This Wild Idea book tour, Maddie has launched her very own iPhone app entitled MaddieCam available for $0.99 allowing you to perched her on practically anything.

Standing outside a coffee shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn which I had been recommended to visit due to its interior resembling a science lab was a gentleman who I had failed to recognize instantly but I had easily identified the dog first. I walked back and asked him if he was who I thought he was and with a friendly smile that confirmed my suspicion, Theron and I engaged a brief chat and before we parted ways, I request to take a portrait and without any hesitation he agreed and thereafter swiftly lifted Maddie on to his shoulder for that signature pose that I had come to recognized on Instagram and most of the web.

Truly a humble and friendly guy who I had the pleasure to meet via a happy accident.