Mariano, Union Square Holiday Market

Every year the Union Square Plaza welcomes over 150 merchants to take part in the holiday market. The place is essentially occupied with unique products such as jewelry, handmade items, clothing, food and by far among one of my favorites is discovering artist selling their work.

I read somewhere that "anyone who can sell a painting today deserves a gold medal" perhaps because being an artist today can sometimes signify a life of an uncertainty as far as how much people are willing to pay for it despite how much they may praise you for it. The average person is not an art expert so the reality is that people sometimes fear investing in art because of fear that they may be getting ripped off.

In any case, Mariano was one of the local artist I stumbled across. Buenos Aires-born and Brooklyn-based, THE RAW ART came up with the intention of spreading art thru people. He produces these very elaborate pieces on canvas constructed from a combination of spray paint, silkscreen, photography and everyday-life elements such as newspaper. The high point of chatting a bit was that he's based in Brooklyn which means there's a stronger possibility that I could catch a glimpse of him doing what he loves best in his studio.