Alan Delaini: Bushwick, Brooklyn

For anyone else, New York may very well always be an unaffordable city to live but recently a lot of these dilapidated warehouses around Bushwick continue to have the same unappealing facade while having been completely renovated into low-price attractive lofts. Because of this, a lot of artist have moved in which has spawned a dozen of art galleries and studios in this industrial neighborhood and have began surpassing the overwhelming presence of corner bodegas, rusty factories and auto-parts stores.

Bushwick is presently transitioning into the new art scene and it's absolutely both exciting and interesting seeing it first hand going through this metamorphosis and establishing itself as a full fledge art district. I have to admit that seeing the art itself in the neighborhood requires some effort since it's spread here and there. Although there's always the advantage of potentially running into an artist on the street which was the case with Alan Delaini - a painter and graphic artist based in Brooklyn who's goal at the moment for his skills and work to be featured at 5Pointz Bushwick.