Instagram Favorites for November 2012

In my own peculiar way, I envision the frames I take as little legacies of life that will be left behind with each photograph continuing to be a window into experiences, people and places that I value.

 Instagram Favorites for November 2012 by Jorge Quinteros

Without diving much deeper into the psychological explanation as to why anyone bothers picking up a camera, the one aspect that's certain is that we all invest in one with the sole purpose of preserving memories that we can potentially pass on to future generations.

I think there should always be a modicum of happiness with every shot we take and we should never let anyone disrupt that joy simply because they don't see or gain as much satisfaction from what you may instantly find appealing.

Photography has been one heck of an enjoyable hobby for me with every day learning less about "what" I need to create something and more on the "why" behind it.

San Francisco based photographer Michael O'Neal published this photograph on Instagram with a caption that read: "I hear Instagram is not very fond of portraits, but how about one of a pretty girl making a goofy face ? Seriously though, would love to see more portraits on IG, I dare you!"

Surprisingly enough, as much as I go out of my way for taking portraits of complete strangers using the dSLR, I can't say I do the same with the iPhone probably because I may have thought of them not taking me as serious. It's the same medium with the exception of the tool being used. So in any case, I'm taking on Michael's challenge and for the month of December, I'm committing to taking a heck of a lot more portraits using the iPhone and sharing them on Instagram.

For the time being and as it's become customary every month, above you'll find 12 of my favorite photographs shared on Instagram for the month of November.

You can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of jorgeq.