Instagram Favorites for December 2012

As the first day of the year, now more than ever I would say is an ideal moment to reflect about what moves our life forward in a positive way. Rather than keeping the same habits, it’s often good to ponder and find a process to get unstuck from things that limit our life or creative process.

 Instagram Favorites for December 2012

The path we take is less important that the depth of our footprints. What at the ends matters the most is to do what we believe we should do and live our life according to our core values. My life in practically every aspect in 2012 has been a tremendous learning experience as father, husband, friend and even a photographer.

For some people Instagram is merely another social service where random collection of photos are uploaded but unless you’re the type that has surrendered to the fact that photography is less about you and more about what you shoot and the people you meet along the way, you’ll probably never understand why I regard it as something valuable that I utilize daily.

The one aspect I really look forward to in 2013 is to not only get the opportunity to meet more of the inspiring people I follow on Instagram but to continue to stay curious which in return I hope it will increase the likelihood of not feeling like there’s nothing else to photograph. The key to producing interesting photos is for you to first become an interesting person.

You can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of jorgeq.