Prince Lang: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Southern California may very well be the birthplace of skateboarding culture but the sport has unquestionably found itself a home right in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Like any other culture, skateboarding has a fashion and language of it's own which goes far beyond the people you see maneuvering their boards across main streets and sidewalks.

There are those who's interest in skateboarding is transient. It's merely a way to get from point A to point B and those you have those individuals who spend hours each day on the board. That's there person who breathes and lives it. It's comparable to a drug to them. The skateboards themselves vary as much as the people who steer them. I've only witness skateboarders from afar but never really had the chance to have a conversation who's as immerse in the culture as I am with my camera and the places frequently visit.

Meet Prince Lang. When he's not behind a camera or on the board, you're likely to find him at Bustin Boards with his riding buddy Nick Coolhands.