Erin Gazzo Test Shoot

A good portion of my friends are well aware there's a high likelihood of getting photographed at one point or another whenever we're hanging out. I'm the guy in the group that's not ashamed to haul his camera anywhere because in all honestly, it's good solid practice for me, I may never know when I'll get inspired and most importantly these are the very photos that we'll appreciate more in years to come.

Lauren Lim over at Photography Concentrate wrote a killer article a while back on this very subject entitled How To Photograph Your Friends (And Why It’s Super Important)

The easiest way to make a person and maybe even yourself uncomfortable when photographing them is to actually say that you’ll be starting the process. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s like conducting a car. You’re hands are firmly gripping the steering wheel but that’s not all that you have to pay attention to.

By far, chatting with the person in front of you throughout the shoot is the way to may them feel relaxed. It’s generally those funny and candid shots that turn out being a gem.

I’ve known Erin for a couple years after having worked together. It was not until the final days of work did I discover that not only did she have a keen interest for photojournalism as I currently do but that she owns quite a few film cameras and is far more proficient in every regard with them.

We met up at trail near Cunningham Park in Queen which I pass by everyday to work. The difficult with getting friends to serve as subjects mainly due to our conflicting schedules. Apparently 9:30am in the morning is far too early for Erin but I have to thank her for being a sport in standing in front of the camera as oppose to behind which is where she’s normally use to being.