Josue Antoine at Snake Road

If by this point your camera hasn’t provided you with a legitimate excuse to accomplish things you wouldn’t have normally executed on your own under ordinary circumstances then let me tell you my friend that you’re probably doing something wrong. It’s like becoming a parent. If it hasn’t changed you in a positive way, then you’re probably doing something wrong in that department as well.

In spite of not living too far from our each other, I had not seen Josue in over a year. I felt ashamed and if there’s one element that would have incentivized us to have met earlier, it would have been our fondness for the camera, being as how he’s avid shooter himself. We headed out to one of the largest marshlands in Queens located on a stretch along Brookville Blvd known by the local Rosedale community as “Snake Road”.

Amid the birdcalls, the reverberating roar of low flying jets and the smell of ocean air, there’s still a sense of tranquility surrounding the wetlands all of which I’ve always overseen mostly because of the tendency to focus on what was considered as annoying aspects of the place rather than take into consideration how beautiful an evening could be during sunset.

Today I was reminded on how your perception of places changes rather quickly when you have a camera with you and a friend who’s a patience enough to hang around for the perfect shot.