Instagram Favorites for January 2013

When it comes down to it, the essence to any good photograph is the same with whatever device you use. Tools are wonderful to own and occasionally brag about but they're only as good as those who use them and with camera phones becoming the "new tool" for creating art, I would say anything is possible as long as you don't treat your phone with disdain just because it doesn't compare to people's general perception of a "real camera".

I’m far more likely to consider preserving my iPhone battery to take photos than I am for making calls or squandering my time playing games which I’ve never perceived as a valuable pastime.

85% of my time is spent consuming content on Instagram, double tapping photos I heart, commenting on people’s photos that inspire me and thus trying to get to know them a bit more. I obviously haven’t met the majority of them in person but I like to imagine I have an ill-defined idea of who they are, what they enjoy doing by virtue of what they choose to share on the service. To this day that is what I continue to do.

I would be dishonest with you if I told you I pay no attention to the number of followers I’ve gain. It’s absolutely a form of positive reinforcement to know people have chosen to tune in to what you have to share. As a photographer it’s only natural I’m obsessed with chronicling things and it just so happens to be that Instagram is my ideal platform for doing so.

There’s no secret formula for becoming popular on Instagram other than to engage with people, remain active, publish only the photographs you feel strongly about and most importantly, shoot for yourself first and others second.

You can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of jorgeq.