Nick Coolhands: Bushwick, Brooklyn | Bustin Boards

Not by choice but I've come to terms in that there is a high probability that I will never cross paths again with a lot of the people I photograph during an random outing. I do offer every single one of them a Moo Card that has my contact information but it's rare that I receive an email from all them requesting a copy of the portrait I took of them.

If it's a person that's in close proximity to my neighborhood, then I would pay a visit to see if they have the slightest recollection of that random guy with a camera that struck up a conversation with them.

I read somewhere that one of the key element for anyone to live a good life is to make it a habit of meeting interesting people every single day and by "meeting" they weren't referring to a casual "Hi, how are you?" but to the literal act of talking with someone and generating a conversation.

Getting to know anyone even if they may be a complete stranger at first has the potential to lead to experiences you could have never predicted. I'll admit it does take a little practice to cultivate a habit but as I've mentioned in the past, my photography and the physical act of carrying a camera has for the most part always been a strong enough conversation starter.

What led me to Bustin Boards in Bushwick was by virtue of having literally stopped Steven and Lyndsay a couples weeks back. When I arrived, the interior walls of the business were decorated with a variety of boards all hand-designed and crafted the way I had seen on a photo online.

Nick was at the front desk when I arrived and he was gracious enough to give me a little history behind the brand as well as the shop itself. I wasn't aware there was a huge skater community brewing here in Brooklyn and if you ever come across one of the many skaters on the streets of this neighborhood, they're more than likely coming here to see Nick at Bustin Boards for all their skater needs.