Why Most Artists’ Blogs Fail

The rea­lity is, most peo­ple are not rea­ding your blog because they have an inhe­rent love for pur­ple dogs and green sofas. They’re rea­ding your blog because THE PERSON YOU ARE ins­pi­res them. They’re not rea­ding your blog because they’re thin­king of buying your pain­tings, they’re rea­ding your blog because the way you approach your work ins­pi­res them. It sets an exam­ple for them. It stands for something that reso­na­tes with them. IT LEADS THEM TO SOMEWHERE THAT THEY ALSO WANT TO GO.

I wish I had some insightful commentary that I can easily append to this statement by Hugh MacLeod but I agree with so much that I can't compete with it. I don't subscribe to an infinite amount of blogs but the ones I do it's because I've managed to find a personal touch in what they say and offer. The moment you get the uncanny feeling that you actually know someone because of how and what they write, that's the instance I become a loyal reader and supporter of anything they do. (via A Lesser Photographer)