Boris: Jamaica, Queens

He's a cobbler and a barber. A trade he learned in Russia but has been a New York resident for the past 42 years. Him and his wife Olga own a 2 in 1 business located right across from the Queens Supreme Court in Jamaica, Queens. One side of the business attends to shoe repair which Boris admits to the reality that it's quickly becoming a lost trade in view that for some people, it's become cheaper to buy a new pair of shoes than it is to repair and people prefer the former.

The other side of the business is a barbershop and Boris circulates back and forth doing both. My hair is not at all complicated to cut. It's #1 all around and so I generally stay away from popular/young trendy neighborhood barbershops because they're consistently overcrowded and I have much better things to do than to wait 1hr for a haircut that I'm often tempted to do on my own.

Boris' clientele is not as large and with every visit, my stay is no longer than 20min unless I linger around for random conversation. I much rather support his business than all the other barbers and at $8 a haircut, no one has the right to complain but far more important than that is how humble he really is.