Patrick Kolts, Williamsburg, BK

A fundamental element for me when it comes to Instameets is the willingness to very likely meet up again with people you've become acquainted with and not just having the initial encounter be a one off. What stuck out for me about our last encounter with Patrick as we explored the massive creepiness of an abandoned railroad tracks in Bushwick was not the somber weather or the makeshift homes we walked by of some possible vigilantes or quite honestly all the things that could have possibly gone wrong but didn’t despite the sketchy circumstances.

I truly enjoy meeting with people to venture out and shoot but in my eyes the most successful ones are the ones where you can see yourself hanging out with these people even if the mutual interest of photography was not there in the first place. Patrick is one cool guy and perhaps one of the biggest jealously that I have about his line of work other than doing it for a living is the amount of stamps he’s managed to stockpile on his passport in view of photography. Had the opportunity to catch up with him in Brooklyn the other day to talk about life and his work.