Making Quality Connections

I’m mindful that if I were to devote myself to strictly writing about the technical side of photography, I would perhaps reach a much wider audience but my intention with this online space has never been to try to replicate better material than what’s already out there.

I would say I’m more of a storyteller and like to focus on the personal experiences through my writing and being able to weave my photographs into any of it has become the perfect structure to represent me and what I want this site to become. Being knowledgeable on photography is always impressive but I don’t generally walk around rambling about polarizing filters, focal length or barrel distortion to friends who can care less on the matter and so I would never pretend to come across that way on the site.

Look at it this way. If I suddenly developed an interest to explore the field of architecture, I would be more curious in uncovering the thought process behind an architect’s work rather than the tools he uses. You can always manage the logistics of using a tool but nothing can replace the thought that’s needed to create something with it. Every photograph I’ve published is accompanied by a story of what when into capturing it and not so much what lens or aperture was used.

 Portrait of a Door, St.Thomas

Portrait of a Door, St.Thomas

There are a few readers that will stick around more than others and the small percentage that invest the time to probe deeper and discover what else to expect from this site, those are the ones that I have felt I’ve made a quality connection with already. I can’t recall where I read this but I came across a statement that said “if it takes you longer than 10 seconds to explain your blog, then you probably haven’t made sure it’s conveying the right message as to why it exist in the first place.”

My byline says it all. I’m an avid photographer. That’s what this blog is about with a strong emphasis on photography and yet sometimes not just limited to that. I will always have a stronger connection with blogs that bundle their content with a first-class personal story and whether I write about a photography gear I own or an experience I had shooting, it will never just be another gear review or rant as I will always aim to instill personal meaning into it.

I continually come across friends that stumble upon my site via Facebook and they inquire what my site is about, hence this post. Is it for everyone? Perhaps not but I can tell you that it’s incredibly empowering to be able to relate truthfully about anything as long as you’re enthusiastic about it and even more so when you consider that people may actually read it.

You can never please everyone with what you write but even more important is remembering that you don’t have to. It’s those select few that matter. What does the photograph of a door have to do with what I’ve touched on? Perhaps nothing but it’s more of a visual thing. Those that are interested will stop and observe and those that are not will merely glimpse and move on and that’s exactly what we do when determining if something is worth returning to and blogs are no different.