Jimmy Webb, New York

The prospect of coming across a person that has such an appealing characteristic about them to an extent where you can't envision not capturing a portrait is one that I yearn for during every outing I take. I haven't taken as many street portraits as I have generally done in the past but I'm always in the constant lookout for that passing stranger that draws my attention. Without wanting to come across as prejudice, I love approaching people who's eyes may seem like they have an interesting backstory to possibly share. Sometimes, it’s their facial features that attracts me. Sometimes it's the setting in which they may be in. In Jimmy Webb's case, it was his punk-rock attire.

Normally I spend around 5-8 minutes chatting with the potential subject to secure an idea of who they are but unfortunately I was unable to with Jimmy although I graciously thanked him for the 2 minutes he spared me to take his portrait. Like 99% of my photographs, I published the portrait on Flickr and within a span of 2 days I began receiving emails from a receptive audience who really knew who Jimmy is.

Trash & Vaudeville opened in 1975, and has been providing Rock n' Roll clothing ever since. If there is a living embodiment of Trash & Vaudeville, it’s the store’s buyer, manager and face Jimmy Webb, who’s worked there since he was a 16-year-old runaway and has become a bit of a legend in his own right which did not know until I read this NYT article on the establishment. Talk about not knowing who you're gonna come across at any time.