Rose Mayo, Williamsburg, BK

No unique observation here but I wholeheartedly believe that photography is without questions one of the greatest opportunities to build experiences, knowledge and memories. Photography is also about life as much as it is about light.

The last time I convened with Rose, she had just given in her resignation at work and was at the brink of embarking upon a new juncture in her life and her response to my question as to how she’s enjoying her new line of work confirmed that what might have seemed like an foolish decision at the time resulted being the best thing she ever did.

Life has this peculiar feel to it when you look back on it that it doesn’t have when you’re actually living it. A lot of times people who are living good stories are too busy to write about them so as long as I’m given the opportunity, I’m more than happy to pay attention.

I know there’s people who are not as keen to the idea of simply meeting people randomly who they’ve friended online but I’m the type that who considers said occurrences to always be an enriching experience because new people are always smart, interesting, and have a novel worldview that will spark a reexamination and revitalization of your own attitude toward life. Rose was no exception. We met up in Williamsburg, we wandered, we talked and took some photographs along the way.