Deconstructing a Photograph by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich was in all probability one of the first travel photographers I came across when I began paying careful attention to this particular genre of photography. He’s portraiture and ability to capture a sense of place with them has really inspired me even up until now. He’s equally lauded by his peers for his remarkable work of capturing the delicate beauty of disappearing cultures through the lives of people all the way from Indonesia to India. Needless to say, I admire this guy just like everyone else.

I often discover something a photographer has shared that’s so interesting that I hurry to post about it as soon as possible and this video tutorial epitomizes that unrelenting feeling. I’m not aware of too many professional photographers who have done this but I think it was incredibly generous for Mitchell to have put together and share some of his expertise in deconstructing one of his photographs in video format which I highly recommend you watch. He elaborates on what he was thinking about when he took the image as well as tips and techniques used to capture the photograph. The BTS video truly provides an uplifting feeling for all of us whom aspire to be able to shoot such compelling photographs.