Patrick Kolts, Red Hook, BK

It failed to fully register at first until I began searching through a lot of the photographs I’ve taken of people lately and the one underlying element I’ve noticed is that the majority of the portraits are from individuals who I’ve met through Instagram. This has been one of the greatest compensation the service has allowed me to unconditionally rejoice in because I don’t know if I would have met these like-minded people any other way. By the same token, I also don’t want to limit myself to just meeting people that I come across on Instagram in view that this world is colossal and believe it or not, not everyone is the type to be staring intently at their screen 24/7 keeping up with a stream of images and double-tapping they ones they admire.

There’s many aspects in which I feel I’ve grown and progressed in as a photographer this year but I still have a long road ahead of me as to where I envision myself being in the near future. There’s places I’ve yet to uncover, people I haven’t met, projects that haven’t been started. I do generally venture out to places with a small group of friends who I could casually text and initiate and meet the next day but I’m always and will always be up for the opportunity to meet anybody. This is how I ended up meeting and being friends with Patrick. Don’t be shy to shoot me an email if you’re ever in New York visiting or if you even live here already.

Portrait of Patrick was taken early morning in Red Hook as we explore the neighborhood during a sunrise meet with other close friends. In addition to Patrick's sweet Fuji X100, I couldn't help admire that fantastic leather braided camera strap which was a beloved gift from his mother. Great taste!