The Key Is To Keep Making Things

When we keep making things, some of it will be bad. Some of it will be broken. Some of it will need fixing and some of it will be entirely beyond redemption. But only then — in making mediocre things frequently — do we get to the rare gem that emerges out of the ashes of failed attempts.

There's still a level of discomfort in accepting the expressed admiration from friends for my photography work which I continue to be so very critical about. I'm acutely aware of what I enjoy photographing and the type of content I habitually turn my head away from and yet it's through this journey of self-discovery where I still feel as though I'm having difficulty trying to figure out who I am as a photographer.

I relish every aspect and nuance that goes into composing a portrait whether it be lifestyle or documentarian and it's the blend of these 2 areas that I wholeheartedly want to focus on for the New Year. While on this journey I've taken photographs that may have seemed enchanting and winning in my head but they ultimately haven't turned out in the manner in which I feel best represents me so I've simply archived them and doubt they will ever see the light of day. To Alexa's point, if you're not creating things that you immediately deem bad then I'm sorry to inform that you're probably not trying hard enough and giving up too prematurely.

Street photography was my foray onto the rung I'm on today and now that genre no longer appeals to me although I still hold respect for those that continue to produce thoughtful and creative work in that area. The key is to keep making things to distinguish what will stick, want won't and what works for you.