Learn From Joey L

There’s an aggregate amount of people out there, who by creating and sharing their work have long indentified their abilities as being valuable and will strive to find ways to convert their passion into profits. These are the type of creatives I have no qualms ever giving money to because not only are you extracting value from what they are providing but you’re equally fueling them to produce more of it.

Sometimes it takes years to create something meaningful but when you’ve managed to accomplish a good portion of it at a young age then it’s largely a good indication that person has found their creative voice, they 100% understand who they are as an artist, and quite frankly you clearly can’t help be unapologetically inspired by what they do.

 Three Ways to Light with the Sun and a Strobe Tutorial

Three Ways to Light with the Sun and a Strobe Tutorial

The other day, Joey L, a commercial photographer based in Brooklyn launched a tutorial site to share the photography, lighting and Photoshop techniques he’s cultivated over the years. “It is very much a personal project dedicated to those who find inspiration in [his] work and are interested in learning from [him].” It’s difficult for me to dare classify this venture of Joey’s as yet another “generic photographing learning site” in view that I’ve never enrolled in any of the lengthy and well-liked training videos offered either at Lynda.com or Kelbytraining.com.

At this day in age, there’s no doubt that any wealth of information you feel you need can probably be found on the web for free ranging from educational, instructional and advisory videos. It’s all a matter of knowing what you want to learn followed by some Googling and patience.

In the past couple of months I’ve been completely enchanted with the process of taking portraits which both my site and Instagram stream have been a testament to this metamorphosis I’ve gone through. At the moment, 99.9% of what I shoot has been under ambient light and although I do own the most basic of lighting equipment, there’s invariably a sense of uneasiness that comes with using it consistently primarily in part because I’m intimidated by them and I honestly don’t put in the effort to familiarize myself with the technical intricacies of the tools. If I where to do so, I’m confident I would catch on very quickly and I’ve been encouraged to after having cheerfully purchased one of Joey’s tutorials - Three Ways to Light with the Sun and a Strobe.

Joey along with his equally amazing talented colleagues have done such a stunning job in conveying the caliber of work that’s being offered to you the customer that it’s literally made it quite easy for me to not have to actually feel the need to review what I purchased. I bought it because I’ve been a long-time admirer of Joey’s work and even if you weren’t acquainted with his photographs up until now, I propose that you look over his portfolio and bring to mind a reason why you wouldn’t want to absorb anything he has to share as it relates to the experience he's gain at a professional and personal level. Needless to say I learned a lot in that 17 minutes training session that I'm eager to put it into practice the techniques and approaches.