Lyndsay McLaren, Highline Park

Here's the interesting tidbit about people photos. You get a taste of what it's like working with one person and listening to their story and then another and then your curiosity and anecdotes begin to accumulate until you can't imagine yourself shooting anything else. Eventually or hopefully a spark happens somewhere along your journey of uncovering what attracts you most about photography other than the compulsiveness to buy gear and at the risk of sounding trite, photographing people seems to have become a primal urge.

I like to think I’ve documented pretty well how I first met Lyndsay and as we made our way towards The Highline which is an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side, we noted how coincidental it had been that I stopped her and said “Hi” a year ago and was saying “Until next time” a year later to be exact. It was unlikely that I would be seeing her long-boarding along the lively streets of Bushwick or Williamsburg, Brooklyn in view that she had made the decision to move back home to Scotland - a place from what I’ve seen, the snow-capped mountains and the watery lochs extend as far as the eye can see.

There were instances where I would reach out to Lyndsay via text message to see if she was up for roaming Brooklyn and taking some photographs and I would be lucky to receive a response back quickly because she was constantly traveling in the states being as how heavily involved she was participating in long-boarding competitions and being sponsored for each one. As Lyndsay’s mom gracefully phrased as she accompanied Lyndsay and I for this outing at The Highline, “She’s been a very lucky girl and she’s accomplished a lot at such a young age but we’re happy to see her heading back home.”

At this day in age, it's practically impossible to not keep connected in some way with people who you've friended along the way. There simply has to be a willingness to want to and although I probably couldn't provide her with definite date as to when the day would be, I would certainly enjoy to pick her up on the offer of visiting Scotland in the near future with Lyndsay as my tour guide. Until then, I wish her the best.