Jacob Santiago, Chinatown

The web has widened the possibility of meeting a lot of good people whom you share a common interest with and yet despite those similarities there are those where it's become difficult to look beyond the eerie AIM chatroom days and consider the opportunity of meeting someone who've they friended online. Luckily I don't fall in this camp and as with any matter in life, you simply have to proceed vigilantly.

I've been a huge fan of Jacob Santiago's photography work who I initially came across on Instagram. As the Lunar New Year festivities where approaching, I extended the invitation in advance for us to meet up and it turned out to be a great way to learn how each of us approaches similar type of shooting situations, learn new view points as we all obviously see things quite differently.

He's a freelance Graphic Designer by trade, mobile photographer at heart. I've paid close attention to the trend in realizing that a lot of the well-establish mobile photographer on Instagram are not photographers per say but their distinct and remarkable way of perceiving things around them has awarded them with the large well-deserve audience they have on the service with Jacob being one of them.