Allen and M9

Age doesn't have any form of negative impact on your photography whatsoever especially if you continue to be the type that still has something to say with your camera. I've spent an enormous and unregistered amount of time walking for miles, often without any clear direction as to what I would love to capture and it's one of those experiences that very few people would ever understand unless they're photographers themselves.

Who knows what the next 10, 20 or 30 years holds for any of us but I would lying if I told you I didn't see a little of myself in Allen with his messenger-style camera bag strapped around his chest and high-priced camera firmly gripped in his hand awaiting to be aimed at the next enticing thing to catch his attention.

When you truly have an enjoyment for something, you continue to do it regardless of the age and unfortunately this notion very well applies to unhealthy stuff in life such as drinking, smoking, etc but for someone like Allen, that vice continues to be photography and it just so happens to be that his companion is the must treasured Leica M9.

Much like Jacob Santiago and I, Allen was one of the many photographers in attendance for the Lunar New Year festivitieis in Chinatown this year.