Along Snake Road

Not everything at which you're good at and excited about can easily translated into a good business model - but some things can and looking back at how far Shawn Blanc has come since his announcement of taking his writing full-time, I'm delighted to say that I've been a fellow supporter since the birth of this new beginning back in 2011 and most importantly in seeing how well he's done for himself.

He recently kicked off the annual Membership Drive & Giveaway. In Shawn's own words:

I've contributed two 20x30 prints (including the one you see above) as of done for the past 2 years but in addition to that there's an aggregate value of over $2,700 worth of pretty sweet gifts being given away as an added bonus for supporting

If the value and enjoyment you get from Shawn Blanc is worth $4/month, then I highly recommend you becoming a subscribing member as I proudly am.