Uncovering Bushwick, Brooklyn

I've long had an intrigue or more like an obsession with old worn out abandoned places. The vibe is an amalgamation of eeriness, amazement, disbelief, fear, sadness, desperation and a gigantic amount of uncontrollable curiosity. If you're familiar with such a place, I'm not saying for you to go out and survey it on your own but instead put together a small group of friends who's interest for such things are as easily piqued like yours.

Needless to say I stumbled across such a place in Bushwick, Brooklyn which I was eager to uncover more of but certainly not on my own. I extended the invitation to Jose Tutiven who I had the pleasure of meeting during a recent Instawalk across the Williamsburg Bridge. As for Diana, she's the one person who I can always count on to embark on several of these local excursions including our most recent one to Fort Tilden in Rockaway.

To view the rest of the photographs of our excursion, head over to the Flickr set.