Backwoods of Bushwick

I received a few emails from people inquiring about the location of exactly where in Bushwick we happen to be exploring over the weekend and while I'm not generally very secretive about the places I casually venture out to, I was a bit apprehensive about disclosing it this time around simply because I was well aware of how potentially unsafe it was for us to even be there in the first place and so it doesn't feel right for me to make it seem like it's safe for you by telling you how to get there.

Needless to say that the possibility of a train looming silently from the fog while we were photographing was the least of our worries and yet nothing really frighting transpired. A part of me is always willing to go out of my way to visit places that haven't been over populated and photographed. It's the prospect of coming across some place unique that's exhilarating and it's all fun and well as long as you don't go placing your life as risk for the sake of gaining a few Likes on a photo.

The whole reason behind taking photographs is for the purpose of preserving moments in time and if no one does it, how would we ever know how things use to be, hence this photograph.