Instagram Favorites for February 2013

In the past, I had spent more time mulling over the idea rather than acting upon my curiosity of what it might be like attending an Instawalk and I must report that it's not in any way cheesy as I've heard people say it is despite never having attended one themselves. I'm officially checking this off my list of things to do this year.

There are some that might say the word "community" has probably been severely overused when talking about Instagram just as much as the word "passion" has been when referring to the craft of photography but the reality is that there's no other way of putting it.

The opportunity of amassing a few photos which I later published throughout the week was a bonus because my intentions where to meet individuals who are as obsessive about Instagram as I am. That's how I met Jose Tutiven who I met up with days later to explore a side of Bushwick that I wasn't willing to uncover on my own.

Instagram has by far been the only social network that's turned complete strangers into good friends and I'm always open for the opportunity to meeting more local people.

You can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of @jorgeq.