On How Photographers Are Living

Dan Abbe is a writer working in Tokyo where he blogs about Japanese photography over at Street Level Japan. He's kicking off a very neat series for American Photo entitled "How You Living?" where he'll feature the work of several photographers accompanied with a few questions which will provide us with a glimpse as to how photographers are specifically generating their income in this profession.

Dan says:

I dedicate a large portion of my free time to my photography which involves either visiting places or setting up meets with people who have interested me from afar but in the middle of it all, I don't make money off of what I do and quite frankly I really don't care because I already have a day job that puts food on the table and pays the bills.

A lot of photographers talk about the work they do but not many specifically about where most of their income comes from specially if they're freelancers which we all know could be a very volatile line of work to be in.

29-year old San Francisco base photographer Jin Zhu was up first in the series. It's piqued my interest to read what other stories/struggles other photographers have to share as the series progresses.