Arthur Kill Tugboat Graveyard

From a distance, the Tugboat Graveyard resembles trash drifting off the coast in perhaps one of the most polluted waterways I’ve come across. Once you overcome the delicate route of getting closer, it becomes obvious that the mishmash of wood and metal are actually remnants of New York’s shipping era all slowly sinking even more.

I’ve seen photographs of people embarking on kayaks in order to get even closer than what’s considered safe but even if you don’t manage to do so, it’s fair to say that the mere sight from a distance should be enough for anyone to just appreciated the disintegrating vessels for what they are. Even the former piers have collapsed and are practically un-passable which can very well be an attraction for daredevil explorers.

At this point, I can at least check this place off on my list of locations to visit for 2013.