Countdown to Travel

Since the birth of our son 2 years ago, we really haven't traveled as much or at least not in the generic sense of boarding a plane and flying somewhere for longer than 2 hours but next month in April, we'll be heading down to Puerto Rico for a week. I've visited this beautiful country before but I've never stayed for longer than a day since our primary purpose for being there has been to board a cruise.

We'll be visiting a few touristy areas and some off the beaten path locations which I've done research on well in advance already. A lot of times, the places we revisit don't necessarily change as much but we certainly do in view that one suddenly see things differently and we begin paying attention to details that we completely disregarded the first time.

I'm excited for the opportunity to approach people and potentially walk away with beautiful story portraits. As I've mentioned before, I'm not at all shy about approaching complete strangers so it'll be interesting to see how effective I could be in another country. Luckily traveling to Puerto Rico is still the equivalence of being in the states which means that I won't be limited or should be concerned about roaming charges at all.

I've never been as active in Instagram as I am now and so I'm relishing the fact that I'll be able to capture as much as I want and still update my feed to share my travel experience.