Guillermo, Plaza del Mercado de Rio Piedras

Even if you had no interest in trying some of the tropical fruits and vegetables available, the beauty of the colorful produce and glimpse of the daily life of local people shopping, eating, laughing and playing domino makes for both a unique "off the beaten track" experience and photograph. The large air-conditioned market is open daily from 9am-6pm and I was eager to visit upon seeing Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods take a tour during his Puerto Rico episode.

As captivating as a person may be, when it comes to street vendors, it never feels ethical asking for a portrait without at least giving them a modicum of business. Fortunately everything Guillermo was selling seemed reasonably-priced in comparison to New York cost for produce.

I could never foresee as to whether a person will allow me to take a portrait of them but when in doubt, I'm reminded of something very profound Anthony Bourdain said during a casual conversation he had with his buddy Andrew for Delta Sky Magazine: