Cueva Ventana, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

The literal translation for Cueva Ventana is “Window Cave” and once you get passed the inescapable reality that one must trek through some rocky, steep, dark and bat swarming terrain that last roughly 5 minutes, there’s no question you’ll realize how worthwhile the journey was because the passage finishes off dramatically with one of the most breathtaking landscape views that Puerto Rico has to offer.

There are a few more caves in the surrounding area such Rio Camuy Cave Park which we didn’t get the chance to explore. The best directions directions I found for visiting Cueva Ventana was published by Adriana. The entrance fee per person was $5. It would have been amazing to have visited during the evening as the sun was setting but I can’t imagine the extra depth of darkness all around.

I had done my research prior to going which meant that we were equipped with lanterns and flashlights. We were lucky to have come across a few explorers that had gone through the cave already and didn’t mind doing it again to guide it through much quicker. It’s best to arrive early in the morning before noon seeing that the place has become more popular which means a multitude of people are likely to invade throughout the rest of the day.