Jose Tutiven, Queens, New York

I recently watched the latest installment of Like Knows Like featuring Ike Edeani - a photographer and art director based in San Francisco. The premise behind the project is to take those popular people that we've come to admire online and to add a human element to it by gaining a deeper insight into the artist through a documentary.

In the video, there's a segment where Ike has this to say about his work:

The statement resonates with me deeply because it details perfectly the position I'm in where I'm currently trying to discover what it is that I love to photograph and what I instantly choose to overlook. Portraiture is by no means easy but the key aspect of getting to know someone is the part that I relish.

If I walk away with a portrait and I fail in getting to know a little more about you than I did before then I don't feel as if I've done my job. Taking a portrait should be the byproduct of an interaction between people and not the primary goal.

Meeting new people is always fun but learning more from people you're already acquainted with is just as sweet. Here's a portrait of partner in crime Jose Tutiven as our urban exploration quest continues.