Abandoned Luxury Resort

Some people find abandoned places very creepy while others regard them as extremely fascinating. I align myself with the latter camp.

With the few derelict and discarded locations we've visited, the underlying motive has never been about exceeding the amount of vandalism the site might have already been subjected to but rather about being extra curious with respect to the soul of the place and the stories the dilapidated walls tell when we explore.

We've always deemed it important to show reverence for what's been left behind and if exploring abandoned places happens to entice you as well, I'll leave you with this rule of thumb I read somewhere regarding this leisure pursuit: “Don’t break your way in. Don’t take anything, except photos. And don’t leave anything except footprints.”

Below are the photographs taken highlighting our experience of visiting an abandoned luxury resort which closed its doors back in 1986.

To view the rest of the photographs of our excursion, head over to the Flickr set.