Fotopedia Reporter: Create Your Own Photo Stories

Beautiful app that allows you to do exactly what the title of this link article implies. You can create your own photos stories in which you share the things you love. "If you care about something, let it show" is their motto. Reporter isn't just a magazine, it's essentially a social platform.

There's the ability to follow amazing photographers, collaborate with them on stories, get feedback on your own work, leave ratings and comments all in a stunning design. By far my new favorite iPad app that relates to what I love doing the most which is to create stories with my photographs.

I've always had the tendency to work in sequence as oppose to looking for a single image to represent a place or experience and so I'm highly encouraged to retain the same mentality so as to better showcase my stories and photos on my own site as well as on the app.

The first photo story I submitted related to the Brooklyn Color Run 2012 which seemed to have been well received based on the feedback.