Instagram Favorites for March 2013

In addition to the camaraderie, one of the strong points of heading out with a group of friends and photographing strictly with the iPhone is that in the end, we're all utilizing the exact same device and so there's no reason to feel that one person's photos are better than other based solely on what was used to capture it. We're all on an equal playing field and it's essentially up to everyone's creative vision to capture that which you find appealing which is going to be different for everyone.

I still shoot with a scratched up iPhone 4 and have often had inclinations to upgrade to the 5 but around this time of year there's always online rumors about the next model being released soon, so until then, I'm holding off.

I don't have any games installed on my iPhone and I rarely listen to music when I'm out unless I'm in the gym since I'm more concerned about preserving my battery for photo opportunities or emergency phone calls. I do have with me at all times an PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case which has always come in handy.

I'm heading out to Puerto Rico this Saturday April 6th and if you would like to take along with the adventure, you can find me on Instagram with my usual handle of @jorgeq which will probably receive more update than my site while I'm away.