Taste of Puerto Rico

A few weeks have passed since our vacation to Puerto Rico and as I sift and giddy enthusiastically through the loads of photos, I continue to be amazed at the distinguishing way in which the place has moved me. I'm convinced my regard for the island has much to do with the fact that it's home to my wife's cultural heritage and now of course our son but in any case, it's difficult to not take notice of how beautiful it is.

I'm an admirer of the people, the music and lord knows the cuisine which I'll admit relies heavily on fried food but taste fantastic. The occasional pork and plantains is a type of nourishment which eventually grows on you and it certainly has in our house.

Unlike most Latina American countries, there's limited transportation system in Puerto Rico which is why renting a car is by far the ideal way to move around from township to township. Their main highways are the equivalent of our interstates which means they're in very good condition. The endless scenic routes everywhere serves as an excellent backdrop for every possible photo taken.

Puerto Rico is one of those places you visit once and there's a commanding obligation to go back again. You realize there are places you haven't been, sights you haven't taken in, food you haven't tasted and in my case, people you haven't met. It is a island that has so many diverse natural wonders: from mountains to the rain forests.

I relish the ambition we had to experience as much off-the-beaten path locations as possible and while it's difficult to encapsulate everything we saw, my expectation is that you at least walk away with at least a glimpse of so much that there is to see.

To view the rest of the photographs, head over to the Taste of Puerto Rico set on Flickr.